Friday, 2 August 2013


I started a new exercise program today. My trail running friend got me interested in running again (not sure that's a good idea), but I'm only going to do a little. Also, even though I hate doing weights (bores me), I feel I need to do it for my backpack training. So I thought every morning I could run down to the YMCA, only 1/2 mile from my house, do some weights, then run home, for a quick 45 minute workout. Then I'll do something more enjoyable in the afternoon.  I tried it this morning and liked it. I like getting outside soon after waking, because I have this notion that it helps my sleep cycle. Later in the day I biked 14 miles for my work commute.  
On to food.
For breakfast I tried out Bill's idea for toasting patties from leftover breakfast cereal, but my oat groats and brown rice weren't mushy enough to make patties out of. Frying it up (no liquid) did make it crispy though, and it was good some sour cherries and blueberries. 
I had lunch with friends and brought some beets and onions I had baked up last night with some more of the oat groats and brown rice. I also had a bowl of the kale and onions that I had made yesterday.
I had no food left for dinner and knew I was going to work late so I planned to stop at the co-op on my way home for some fruit and raw veggies.  At the co-op I had some cherries and a banana. Then at home I had some sugar snap peas, carrots, a tomato from the garden, and I snacked a little on the strawberries that I was prepping for the freezer.